Sunday, 28 September 2014

Unity Bezier Curve WIP

Recently I have been learning Unity and playing around with scripting with C#. For my first project I needed to utilize bezier curves but they are not available by default in Unity. So I decided to create my own small bezier curve script.

To start I did some R&D in Houdini with a wrangle sop to figure out how to create a simple bezier curve. I then ported this into C# for Unity. I'v still got to create the rest of the script but here is the Houdini R&D along with the VEX code.

On the left is the Houdini Bezier curve and on the right is the Unity one.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

OpenGL ES Rendering Engine IOS

This is an old IOS app development project I worked on last year but because of copyright I have only recently been allowed to show the app. The app was developed for a company which specialised in creating bespoke solutions for elderly and disabled people. For this app I created my own OpenGL ES rendering engine.

The app and artwork was done by me and was fully functional on a first generation IPad. Everything ran smoothly at around 30fps. More about it on my website.

Simple Line Creator

I'v been working on lots of different visualisation projects recently and have had to create simple floor plans in Max. Instead of having to use Auto CAD I decided to create this simple line creator maxscript which creates a line with a set length in the center of the screen.

This tool makes it really easy and quick to create a simple floor plans without having to use another software.

Line Creator Script

Monday, 22 September 2014

Wolverine Sculpt WIP

Havent had time to do much personal work recently but I'v been working on this in my spare time. I start this after watching Rafael Grassetti's ZBrush tutorials which can be found here These tutorials really helped me and I decided to start this

Wolverine character which is something that I have wanted to sculpt for a while now. I also want to add more detail to this and sculpt and render it in Houdini with Mantra to checkout the new hair and fur tools.

Wolverine Sculpt. Water Simulated in Houdini and  edited in ZBrush.